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The Georgia Orthodontists Foundation (GOF) was formed upon the unification of the MCG Orthodontic Alumni Association and the Georgia Association of Orthodontists Educational Foundation. The goal was to create a state association with a unified focus of improving the orthodontic department in Augusta and the educational environment of the faculty and residents, thereby creating some of the best orthodontists in any state.

To meet these goals, the GOF aims to provide maximum financial support for the orthodontic department at Georgia Regents University (formerly MCG). The goals of the GOF are three-fold in regards to orthodontic education in Georgia: the GOF will work to gain increased support for 1) the orthodontic department, 2) the orthodontic residents, and 3) the orthodontic faculty. GOF board members work closely with Dr. Eladio DeLeon, the GRU department chairman, in order to gain a clear understanding of the ever-changing needs of the orthodontic department.

In addition to providing financial assistance to the orthodontic department, the GOF also hopes to bring together alumni and Georgia orthodontists through several events throughout the year. These include a continuing education meeting in Augusta, a tailgate at a Georgia Bulldogs game, resident graduation, as well as an annual newsletter.

There are three ways doctors can donate to the GOF:

  1. Payment of annual dues
  2. Through a one-time cash donation or annual pledge over several years.
  3. By donating a “Case for the Future,” along the lines of the American Association of Orthodontists’ Program. Pledge an amount equal to or approximating your treatment fee, to be redeemed over 3-5 years.

Donations or pledge fulfillments should be mailed to:

Georgia Orthodontists Foundation
c/o Dr. Travis Fiegle
102 Buckwalter Parkway, Suite 3J
Bluffton, SC 29910